Debb Oliver, Ed.D., has been an active instructional technology integration specialist for more than 15 years and is committed to supporting districts and teachers through systemic change, especially in the area of blended learning. She has recently researched and developed the Framework for Digital Learning Transformation with a focus on helping districts plan and prepare for the pedagogical shifts inherent in integrating technology in order to activate learning and improve student achievement. Working directly with school districts, educational leaders, and educators throughout the country and abroad, she discovers and elicits innovative ideas for educators and education. Additionally, Debb volunteers in the private sector with nonprofit organizations, where she works closely with boards of directors on strategic planning and goal setting.

Dr. Oliver is fanatical about learner engagement! With over 25 years of experience in education, professional learning and educational technology, she collaborates with leaders and educators across the country and abroad. Dr. Oliver helps them discover and elicit innovative ideas, while developing and implementing customized solutions that empower them to meet strategic goals and build social learning environments and provide support for the systemic change inevitable with this paradigm shift.

Dr. Oliver is the author of: The Learning Transformation