Notice and Wonder

This lesson helps students to notice their own progress. It also encourages them to wonder about the current lesson topic in different situations in which they find themselves. (All grade levels, K-12)

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Post-Test Self-Evaluation

This activity puts students in the driver's seat, prompting them to take ownership of their academic progress and accomplishment. After each lesson or unit assessment, students complete the worksheet, honing in on what they did well, what didn't go so well, WHY it didn't go well, and what he or she needs to know or do to correct the error. Set aside about 30 minutes after you return tests to students and turn them loose on the self-evaluation. (Middle and High School levels)

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Self-Evaluation ~ Behavior and Attitude

As we help our students become more aware of their own behaviors, and guide them in making the distinction between emotions and behavior, it's useful for them to be able to keep track of their progress.

This worksheet is for younger kids, grades K-3, to check in and report how they're managing their behavior and noticing their own engagement and success.