With over 18 years of experience in the high school classroom, both in private and public education, Molly Dahl is a seasoned professional educator. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Nevada, Reno in Spanish Language and Literature and a Master of Education in Educational Leadership from Shenandoah University in Virginia. After informally studying Positive Psychology for four years, in 2014 she enrolled in a Certificate of Positive Psychology program with the Wholebeing Institute. She successfully completed the program in February of 2015.

As Ms. Dahl began to apply the principles and teachings of Positive Psychology (one of the key foundational elements of Social Emotion and Academic Learning programs) in her own teaching methods and interactions with her students on a daily basis, she saw her students make expansive leaps in their educational progress, not only on their common assessments, but on the non-testables as well. Based on her belief and educational philosophy that every child has genius within and can learn and grow in positive directions, Ms. Dahl has profoundly and positively influenced thousands of students. She has encouraged them to find their strengths, to explore life in all its glory, to be flexible and open to possibility, and to travel the world in search of their new friends who are waiting in villages, towns, and cities around the globe.

Well-known for her focus on engaging, student-centered teaching and applying proven methods that uphold sound educational practices, Ms. Dahl has watched her students flourish in her classroom and leave at the end of the school year happier, more involved in their own education, and ready to embrace all that life has to offer.

In addition to teaching high school students, she has been teaching yoga and meditation for over 17 years. She is a certified instructor of both yoga and meditation. She’s is a certified teacher of Cultivating Emotional Balance.

Molly Dahl is founder of YOUTH Positive, LLC. YOUTH Positive - Exploring the Unique Genius of Every 21st Century Adolescent, High School edition is her first book. In 2016, she published The YOUTH Positive Middle School Workbook and in 2017, The YOUTH Positive Teacher’s Guide, A Deep Dive Into Mindfulness, Positive Education, and SEL.