YOUTH Positive is both a philosophy and a way of life, encouraging teens and children to "live positive" and to take an active participatory role in their lives, especially in their education. During the adolescent years, teens are in the prime of their self-development. This set of years (from 14-19) has a greater impact on their future lives than does any other stage in life. Developing a strong sense of self and acquiring a useful set of tools, skills, and abilities is imperative to creating a future where they can thrive and flourish.

YOUTH Positive is also a set of books (K-12 and a Teacher's Guide), resources that offers tips, techniques, and practices that guide students through the journey of self-discovery and self-development. As they work through the chapters and lessons of the books, students will acquire the skills, abilities, and tools that will allow them to successfully navigate both their school years as well as the adult, post-high school world. 

YOUTH Positive encourages them to find, know, and be their very best selves, even in the midst of these personal discoveries, developments, and changes. How does it do that? By presenting the findings of modern Positive Psychology and adolescent development theory in teen friendly language. And by providing opportunities for each young person to try on these findings for themselves. Through the Personal Experiments in each section of YOUTH Positive, teens will experiment for themselves, on themselves, the ideas presented throughout the book. They will do personal investigations of their own beliefs, mindsets, habits, and behaviors. Their lives will be their research labs and the results of their experiments will give them personal connection to and with their strengths and values, their life philosophy and their goals, all of which will lead them in a direction of life satisfaction, happiness, and positive overall well-being.


You ~ Self-Awareness & Self-Concept

  • Develop accurate & positive self-concept

  • Demonstrate self-reliance & efficacy

  • Identify personal strengths & values

  • Develop awareness of personal potential

Outlook ~ Growth Mindset & Self-Adjustment of Attitude

  • Self-assess emotional, physical, intellectual, & mental “status”

  • Regulate & balance self-talk, emotions, & behavior

  • Increase growth mindset & the ability to “think positive”

  • Take perspective & broaden awareness of possibilities and solutions

Understanding ~ Decision Making & Goal Setting

  • Conduct Consequence Analysis for all decisions

  • Creatively approach problem solving & decision making opportunities

  • See failure as a learning & growth experience

  • Be The Change

  • Evaluate personal progress & improvements

Together ~ Building Relationships of Trust

  • Skillfully communicate to create positive, trusting relationships

  • Listen empathetically & communicate to resolve differences

  • Appreciate & honor diversity

  • Recognize support systems in school & community & at home

Happier ~ Appreciating Happiness as a Worthy Goal

  • Contribute positively to their school, family, & community

  • Practice & exhibit gratitude

  • Recognize & create flow experiences

  • Identify & participate in activities that promote thriving & flourishing