YOUTH Positive is designed and written as curriculum to teach high school aged teens (and the rest of us!) to be firmly grounded in self-awareness, positive self-concept, positive social awareness and interactions, study skills, goal setting, consequence analysis and decision making skills, emotional management, self-motivation, positive communication skills, and relationship building, among other useful and necessary topics.

This interactive and engaging book can be used in many applications and settings, from classroom instruction to group facilitated meetings to individual use.

The ideas presented in YOUTH Positive are those that lead the end user, of any age, on an enriching, powerful journey of self-discovery. By the time each individual comes to the last activity of the last section of the book, he or she will have a deeper, more ‘wholistic’ understanding of the process of who they are and the development of their potential into who they are capable of being. It's an exciting adventure for a very exciting time of life.