2017: Not the Year of the New You.

But rather, The Year of Who You Are Now is Enough.

Of course we all have ideas of how our lives would be better if only we were more _______ (fill in the blank), or had more or better _______, or were less ______, or didn't have to deal with _______ (fill in these blanks too).

And, why not make this new year a year of self-acceptance, a year of appreciating all the good you already do and all the good you already are? Why not enjoy all you have accomplished in your life, all the progress you have made, and all the territory you have covered? You, reading this now, are enough. You have done enough. You have enough.

Now is the year to enjoy it all.

And, to keep making progress, without being caught up in the throes of competition and feelings of not-enough or low self-worth as you pursue your dreams and your aspirations. It's time to love all the parts of you that are the process of you and your becoming.

So here's to 2017! A year of humble self-appreciation that, when practiced and developed into habit, yields greater self-acceptance and self-worth, which in turn leads to more gracious and courteous acceptance and appreciation of others. A softening of judgment around the self also helps us acknowledge the learning potential in less-than-ideal situations and circumstances and helps us see more clearly what we can control and what we must surrender to the Serenity Prayer. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serenity_Prayer


May you see your own beauty and hear the happiness in your own voice as you go about living and being enough in the year 2017.

Molly DahlComment