School has started...

Schools in the Biggest Little City in the World have started! It's an early end to summer. I can only encourage students and teachers to make the best of it.

And it's got to be great seeing old friends and making new ones. I must admit, I do miss the classroom. Especially as the new school year gets underway.

One of my favorite things as a teacher was getting to know each of my students the first week back to the school room. It was a blast doing the Chain Name Game, seeing who would be the first to remember every single name of each kid in class. I was always amazed at how easy it seemed for the winner! And how hard for the rest of us. And it usually took me about three weeks to have the right name for every face.

And then they would challenge me to remember their classroom Spanish names! Joli! (That's Spanish for Oh Geeze!) I usually gave up on their English name and they went only by Javier, Rosita, Guadalupe, or Ramon for the rest of the year.

Funny thing, I ran into several of my students the other week. The only names that came to my mind were their Spanish ones. I was so happy to see Yoli, Carlita, Fifi (who is the hermano, brother, of Yoli) and Pepe. They are all grown up!

How time flies.

So as summer vacation is still going on in most parts of the country, studies, homework, lessons, and school spirit are well underway here in Norther Nevada. One high school is using YOUTH Positive for their 10th grade mentor program. One of the middle schools is seriously considering using the book for an 8th grade enrichment class. How exciting for YOUTH Positive to be in schools and beginning to make a positive difference for so many teens. 

Here's to a great year, 2015-16!!



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