First Book Signing

Oh the big event! So much preparation: copies to be made, business and rack cards, a poster, receipts, the whole nine yards. And what fun. Mostly because I got to meet so many interesting people and fellow authors. 

Linda Roze Rasmussen, a second (maybe 3rd) cousin on my Mom's side and a close growing-up friend, was my table partner. (She still has the same bubbly, infection laugh she's always had. Some things don't change.) Linda published her children's book on the history of Nevada, The State That Made A Nation Great, last year and is going strong getting it out the world and into Nevada schools. She knows what she's doing. How lucky I was to have her shepherd me in my first presentation of YOUTH Positive and of myself as an author. 

I guess now I can add another hat to my collection, Author. I still marvel. Like a kid at Christmas time who scores the Red Ryder Carbine Action BB gun, I revel in the glory.

Sharing a quick 10-second elevator pitch is a skill I have yet to acquire, let alone master. My excitement pours forth, unchecked and sticky like a fly trap, holding the passer-by in verbal bondage. But their responses we encouraging: "Our youth need all the direction they can get these days", and "I wish I would have had something like this when my kids were teenagers", and the best one "Thank you for what your do with your time and your mind. The world needs it".

Ahhh. I was touched and near tears. But holding my composure, I stood and offered that gentleman of ample years my strongest hand shake and most heart-felt thank you.

And so I offer to the world my time, my thoughts, and the desires of my heart to help teenagers be strong and good and happy. 

And I sold 8 copies. Not bad for my first go around.



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